Governance of the Trust is the responsibility of the Trustees.  This role is to provide an oversight of the financial dealings and stability of the organisation. 

The Board offers guidance and support to management and the staff and provides an assurance of stability and continuity to the stakeholders. 

Individual Board members / Trustees may come and go, however the Board as an entity exists independent of individuals so long as the organisation and its’ rationale continues to exist. 

The Trustees are committed to maintaining a ‘well balanced’ Board in the context of skills, community roles, age, gender and the inclusion of a parent / family representative. 

The Board is responsible for determining which specific skills and areas of expertise will best fulfill its governance responsibilities and thus regularly plans for renewal within the Trustee group. 

Policies & Procedures

The policies and procedures of A Supported Life provide a framework for the consistent delivery of good practice and excellence in service delivery.


Where residents are approved by the NASC (Needs Assessment and Service Coordination) for inclusion at A Supported Life the Ministry of Health, in the context of a contract between provider and funding agency pay a Support Subsidy for each individual debited directly to A Supported Life.

The Board

The Kotuku Trust, which oversees the work of A Supported Life and two4nine is a registered charitable trust and has a board of Trustees made of committed members of the community including family representation who manage the governance of the organisation.