Two4nine is integrated into its local community, providing a space for creativity and personal and educational development for persons with learning disabilities. The service is an integral part of A Supported Life’s day support related to the arts, community integration and connection, volunteering, work experience, health and wellbeing, education and employment.

Two4nine is a unique and exciting space and the wide field of activity is firmly embedded and supported in the local community and in turn two4nine, offers opportunities for participants to contribute meaningfully to that community.  The aim is ‘to be of service’ rather than providing ‘a service’. 

As a community based creative space, located within the large community hub formed by ASL’s 20 houses and flats, the space offers onsite art and life skill modules, off-site creative, health and wellbeing activities and community volunteering. 

Two4nine operates a very successful Community Connections project, placing and supporting participants in individual volunteering roles and educational options in the local community. These currently include roles at; Results Fitness, the Salvation Army Food Bank, West Auckland Engine Reconditioners, Tegan and Beau, the Blockhouse Bay Kindergarten, the Coffee Club, Edmonton Stationers and Adventure Cycles.   Two4nine also provides oversight for those persons already in open employment.

As a holistic provider of community and vocational support two4nine offers:

  • Arts, textile and ceramics programs
  • Life skills education
  • Hospitality programs
  • Vocational skills acquisition
  • Health and Wellbeing programs
  • Community volunteering
  • Community Connections
  • Individual project development
  • Employment opportunities through networking with employment brokerage agencies

Two4nine is a blend of participant driven activity, whereby those involved in support also have joint management responsibilities for this service. A focus on individual and group responsibility is a focal point in areas of behaviours, activity planning, choice and decision making in regard to support modules and activity and the direction of the service.  Two4nine offers innovative and flexible support that meets the aspirations and needs of the participants involved.

You can connect with two4nine through the creative space’s Facebook page

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