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Prospective Residents - Parents and Families

Whilst A Supported Life is committed to remaining a small niche service provider to adults with a learning disability, from time to time vacancies occur for new residents as current participants move on to new more independent residential opportunities within ASL. Interested families can email the General Manager – – to request an e copy of the Parent, Family and Whanau Handbook to deepen their knowledge of ASL and read the Home Agreement which specifies expectations and responsibilities of both the organisation and the resident. ASL carries out a comprehensive orientation and inclusion for both prospective resident and family to ensure we can meet the support needs of the individual, the individual wants to join the ASL community and the social fit if that person is moving in with flatmates.

All residents entering funded services for community residential support in New Zealand require an assessment for access to support, by the Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Agency contracted to the funding agency, the Ministry of Health. Once an assessment is completed by the NASC and a vacancy at the chosen service provider is available then negotiations occur in relation to the funding level commensurate with the support needs of the individual. The Northern NASC which A Supported Life negotiates with is the Taikura Trust. Information on the Taikura Trust can be found at

Current Resident Vacancies

There is currently one resident vacancy.

For further information regarding inclusion and vacancy opportunities please email Carissa Pereira -

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